VRS Information Sheets

Find answers to most of your questions about how to report your hours and use this system.

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  • VRS Overview
    This sheet provides an overview of the online Volunteer Reporting system.
  • VRS Enrollment
    This sheet provides information on how to enroll to use the online Volunteer Reporting System.
  • Reporting Volunteer Service Hours
    This sheet provides information on how to report volunteer service hours and public contacts. This sheet includes a description of the 21 different project categories that you can choose to describe your service project.* This sheet also explains how to report the pounds of produce donated, from your private garden, or a Master Gardener educational garden.
    *Note: This category list will be updated soon to reflect the new, shorter list implemented for 2016 and later Reporting Years.
    See the New Category List for more details now.
  • Reporting Continuing Education Hours
    This sheet provides information on how to report your continuing education hours, for classes that have been approved for recertification credit.